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Welcome to the Team Page of
Trek Finance Team
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Trek Finance Team Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00
Total Raised: $38,205.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 20
Members Recruited: 54

Thank you for supporting Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer dba MACC Fund. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$38,205.00  
General Team Donation$25,760.00  
Chad Brown$3,000.00  
   Emily Baker$38.00  
   Jessica Barber$25.00  
   Zachary Barber$0.00  
   Lori Bokowy$130.00  
   Letitia Breselow$20.00  
   Thom Brown$45.00  
   Drew Bublitz$200.00  
   Doug Buth$500.00  
   Shannon Cooper$222.00  
   Brennan Feldhausen$125.00  
   Erin Feldhausen$124.00  
   Chris Finch$72.00  
   Tracy Finch$202.00  
   Gregory Gillman$200.00  
   Scott Grosz$200.00  
   Mike Gutknecht$50.00  
   Seth Hansen$30.00  
   Kim Hess$200.00  
   Andrew Hutchings$0.00  
   Aaron Knapp$38.00  
   Jason Koepke$38.00  
   Katherine Kokko$200.00  
   Peter Kokko$250.00  
   michael matty$250.00  
   Nathan Messerschmidt$200.00  
   Betsey Orman$100.00  
   Doug Orman$200.00  
   AnneMarie Peterson$0.00  
   Lee Peterson$0.00  
   Mark Plesac$155.00  
   Dan Pophal$250.00  
   Chris Prestegard$0.00  
   Cecilia Rieber$150.00  
   Eric Rosenow$125.00  
   Jacki Rynish$38.00  
   Domenico Schifano$0.00  
   Jeffrey Schifano$500.00  
   Jason Schroeder$72.00  
   Donna Siefkes$1,000.00  
   Joe Siefkes$1,000.00  
   Lisa Skoien$38.00  
   Nancy St Clair$0.00  
   Andrew St. Clair$1,200.00  
   Judith Strand$0.00  
   Tyler Stuntebeck$165.00  
   Dave Tomaloff$0.00  
   Jennifer Tomaloff$10.00  
   Julia Voss$600.00  
   Geoff Wilkinson$0.00  
   Anna Witan$38.00  
   Craig Wright$55.00  
   Mary Wright$55.00  
   Zac Zepke$335.00  

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